Through programming campers learn software development including both practical coding and the theoretical underpinning of programming languages. Courses include Java and Python.

Web Development

Web is for campers who wish to create websites and learn about web development.  During this course campers will create their own websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  More advanced campers will be taught about database-driven web applications using MySQL.


In engineering campers will learn to design, build, and test electronic circuits.  Campers will create online simulations to test circuit designs and transpose them into hardware for hands on experience.

Game Theory

This course is an intro to game theory and strategic thinking.  Ideas like dominance, background induction, Nash equilibrium, commitment, and credibility are discussed with campers and applied to games that are played with the campers throughout the course.


Summer Arts Ensemble is a spectacular way to boost campers’ knowledge and community understanding through total arts immersion. We are committed to bringing campers to the next level, whatever their passion may be.  Campers will receive group lesson instruction and work in performance ensembles to create a challenging, successful work of art. Each ensemble’s study will culminate with a formal group project performance or presentation to demonstrate technical principles learned and advancement in repertoire studies.